Marjolyn van der Hart

Marjolyn van der Hart

    Marjolyn draws from memory, imagination and suspended moments of daily life. By blending handmade paper, tissue paper, modeling paste and acrylic paint, Marjolyn creates images that come alive with her use of texture, color and contrasts of light.

    2.Love Brings Me Back, 30x60

    As She Jumps, 30x30

    Beautiful Light, 30x30

    Between Time, 24x48,300dpi

    Breezy, 30x30

    Effortless Ride, 30x30

    Evening Approaches, 40x45, 300dpi

    Focused Moment, 16x16

    Freedom, 24x48

    Juggling Act, 30x40, 300dpi

    Leaping, 16x16

    Life is Like a Song, 40x30

    On Top of the World, 30x24

    Patience, 16x16

    Power of Romance, 48x48

    Rolling, 16x16


    Spinning Bright, 16x16

    Surrounding LIght, 16x16

    Suspended Patience, 30x30

    Swingtime, 30x30

    Twist & Shout, 30x30

    Up & Down, 16x16