O Tay! Inc. represents artists and designers as well as other creative properties.

Ben Gorbaty, principal and founder of O Tay!, has a keen eye for locating and recognizing talent. He works with creative artists to develop their unique styles, then market and license them to a wide variety of manufacturers on a royalty basis.

O Tay!’s select creative talents offer manufacturers a diverse range of art and design to fit their creative needs…giftware, tabletop and room décor, stationery, apparel and more. O Tay! is hands on in all phases from initial concept through targeting potential licensees, structuring deals, handling day-to-day communication with manufacturers/licensees, all the way through to the sample and approval stages.

O Tay!’s mission as a representative and licensing agent is to see the artist’s vision translated seamlessly to the global marketplace while letting them do what they do best—create!